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Since 1952 Cotti&Marchi has been operating in the field of INFRASTRUCTURES, ranging from residential and industrial constructions to taking part in project of tunneling and road constructions.
The need to power the devices and the worksite systems has prompted the Company to conduct its business by providing lighting systems, driving force , data transmission, MV/LV transformer substations, containerised and for tunnel, and MV distribution substations.
In addition to these activities Cotti&Marchi designs and installs safety systems such as fire detection and video surveillance.


Cotti&Marchi extends its activities also to service industry. The production process needs the support of technology and of electrical energy: in this context the Company has always offered expertise and professionalism, realizing lighting systems, driving force distribution, mechanical and special systems to serve the large production processes.
Building Automation has imposed the need of having to check and manage all the services such as gas, water and electric energy distribution, heating systems, air-conditioning systems, anti-intrusion, video surveillance and fire detection.
Cotti&Marchi also realizes explosion-proof systems in potentially explosive areas, in order to ensure the highest safety level. All of these fields of expertise represent the context in which Cotti&Marchi specializes , ensuring professionalism and training always updated.


Cotti&Marchi has always respected the environmental parameters, ensuring at the same time the conditions for an excellent quality life of the customers.
Operating in this context the Company designs and installs air/water exchange and treatment systems. In order to favor the air exchange and to improve the environmental comfort  Cotti&Marchi realizes ventilation systems that renew the air and that control the level of humidity.
Using suitable treatment systems the Company can guarantee good environmental conditions, supporting the energy efficiency of its systems.
Other contexts in which We offer our expertise are the industrial waste water treatment systems, the waste water collection systems and the extraction systems of smoke and dust resulting from technological processes.


The realization of mechanical systems in addition to a particular care to the use of alternative energy sources, represents a key element in our business.
The goal is to ensure an important reduction of the management costs and greater comfort.
In this context Cotti&Marchi realizes cogeneration and trigeneration plants, in order to increase the available energy efficiency , to reduce the primary energy costs and to optimize the use of the excess heat.


Nowadays the evolution of the technology involves also traditional heating and air-conditioning systems, water and sanitary systems, systems for air and water exchange and treatment and gas plants; for these reasons, we have enlarged our field of activities including the mechanical installations, industrial and residential, taking care to the use of alternative energy sources.
We realizes different types of system, ranging from those at the service of industrial processes to the gas and fluids distribution systems.
The Company also realizes dedusting and smoke reduction systems, air/water exchange and treatment systems, fire and gas detection systems, treatment systems of industrial waste water resulting from the various processes, waste water collection systems, heating and cooling systems, using radiant panels in the floor and ceiling, attached with a system for the environmental humidity control.